order & payment

Order Process
  • Add items to your cart
  • Complete the checkout process
  • Settle your payment within 2 business days
  • Send payment receipt to order.milli@gmail.com
  • Wait for our payment confirmation and shipping details via email

Holding Time
We will reserve your order/s for a maximum of 2 business days. Please settle your payment as soon as you place your order/s. Orders will automatically be cancelled if we do not receive payment within the 2-day grace period.

Payment Methods
PayPal Credit/Debit Card *no need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal


How to send proof of payment?
Kindly send your proof of payment or photo of deposit slip, together with the following details to our email order.milli@gmail.com

Subject: Payment / Milli Order Number / Full Name
Body: Date & Branch Deposited